Strategic marketing is key to running any business successfully. But strategic doesn’t have to mean pricey. There are lots of ways businesses of every size can experience growth while on a budget. Social media channels including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and others are resources to help build an audience and deliver your message. If you want more people to know more about your business, here are some basic strategies to get you started.

Publish great content. Every business has something to say about their product. Put information out on your website on a regular basis and see who is paying attention to your sales, events and other announcements. Blog is also a great way to keep the search engines crawling on your site searching for new, relevant content that can keep you higher in rankings!

Publish video content. Even with a basic device such as a smart phone, anyone can create video segments and upload them to Youtube, Facebook and/or a website. People want to know more about what you do – so show them!

Social Networking. Do you have a presence on Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest or Twitter? Are you wondering about Instagram, Snapchat, and Google+? No one can effectively engage followers on all of those channels, but you can find your niche audience on any of these and connect with them regularly.

Develop a customer referral program. Your best customers are probably already talking about you, but give all of your customers the opportunity to share about their great experience at your establishment. Offer current customers a free or discounted product or service for talking about you to their friends. This can work with business size referral cards or social media options. Let word of mouth work for you!

Host online contests. Keep people coming back to our Facebook page. Everyone wants to win something, so keep your followers engaged and coming back to your business.

Create eye-catching business cards and brochures. Print materials ordered over the internet have become a more affordable option for small to midsize businesses. Stop printing on your inkjet and get pro-quality materials that will knock the socks off your customers.

Engage with email marketing. Constant Contact and Mailchimp are email platform options that provide eye-catching templates and more customizable options. The big plus is that they are both free until you reach a couple thousand emails per month. Connect with your followers regularly with special deals and information from your business.